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Being part of one of the largest Australian franchise's and providing a mobile service enables us to benefit from economies of scale and streamlined operations. In turn reducing unnecessary overheads and operational costs. This advantage directly translates into significant savings, enabling us to offer our services at the most affordable prices while maintaining the highest quality standards. By leveraging our expansive network and resources within the franchise, we optimize efficiency, pass on cost benefits to our customers, and prioritize delivering exceptional service without compromising quality.

Tailored for Melbourne's Unpredictable Weather

Our innovative ceramic coating service is a groundbreaking solution that's tailored to withstand Melbourne's unpredictable and fluctuating weather conditions. Our ceramic coating is a nano-structured layer that forms an incredibly durable bond with the surface of your vehicle, providing a sleek, high-gloss finish that significantly enhances its appearance. This protective layer is robust enough to handle the heat of Melbourne's intense summers and the damp of its rainy season, sometimes all in one day.

Mobile Service

We are conveniently mobile and will come to you at no additional cost, delivering cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials right to your doorstep, providing an unparalleled layer of protection for your vehicles wherever you may be.

Comprehensive List of Inclusions

For a limited time we're including a FREE 2 Stage paint correction valued at over $245 for reduction of swirl marks/scratches & gloss enhancement.

✓ Inspection of your body and paint condition
✓ Pre-soak vehicle to loosen grime and contaminants
✓ High pressure rinse, snow foam and hand wash of entire vehicle
✓ Removal of bug splash and road tar
✓ Wheels, wheel arches and tyres cleaned
✓ Badges, grills and guards cleaned
✓ Microfibre towel dry
✓ Paint decontamination treatment for removal of all bonded contaminants
✓ Ceramic Coating with 3-7 years protection with maintenance

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, offering a personalised, professional, and highly efficient service to meet your specific needs. Experience the difference a superior ceramic coating service, tailored for Melbourne's unique climate, and delivered right to your location can make. Trust us with your vehicles and let us help your treasures last a lifetime – click the Book Now button above to secure your spot.